We had to go to our Vet's as an emegency with my little girl this afternoon and it looks as though her disc has flared
up when we had hoped it had settled down since her first episode in Oct 2010 .We had all gone for our afternoon walk
and as normal Rosie and Pops were galloping after the tennis ball which we throw for them ,and all was fine for about
10 minutes then I threw the ball for the two of them they both started running to get there first then about 10
metres away Rosie cried out stopped turned and ran back to me crying with pain .She jumped straight onto my lap
so I calmed her down the best I could then carefully carried her back to the car and set off for home just hoping the emergency
Vet at our practice hadn't happened as by then it was 3.10 pm .I phoned and they were there and an appointment was made for 4.15
so I got her file out which has details of her appointments with Martin Deuthschland at Chestergates and Ben Keeley at
North West Surgeons and took them and all her other paperwork with us .The Vet on today was one of he group Vets who we don't normally
see so he had a read of her reports then gave her a thorough physical ,he said he thinks it has nothing to do with her CM or patellas
and that the pain seemed to be around her lower back and her problem disc's .He gave her a an anti-inflammatory and pain relief
injection and I cant remember the name ,plus some liquid Loxicom (Metacam) ml once daily and we go back to see him on Monday .

She seems a bit brighter and even sneaked past me and down the stairs but from now on and for at least the next seven days she sleeps in
a travel crate alongside my bed and I carry her up and down the stairs and sadly no walks for the forseeable future and possibly
no more ball games for a long time.