Sophie has made full recovery, thank goodness. She ate a normal breakfast and is looking for her supper right now.

In talking with my neighbors, two other dogs on our street woke their owners up in the wee hours of Sunday (yesterday) morning with vomiting bile, at the same time Sophie did! One, a Scottish terrier, is recovered by today, like Sophie. That neighbor found some dried up bile barf in another room, and they don't know if her other Scottie did that earlier in the week.

The other dog, my next-door neighbor's dog (a Bichon), went into Emergency Clinic yesterday afternoon and spent today at her regular veterinarian today, on IV fluids. The tests and X-ray all show nothing. The Bichon has started diarrhea late this afternoon, 36 hours after the onset of bile vomiting. She is very sick.

Another neighbor's dog had the foamy bile vomiting a week ago, was quite uncomfortable, but recovered on its own.

None of these dogs run loose, all are on leashes, and none have had physical contact with each other. The Bichon next door is not a ground hoover like Sophie, and never noses around in the grass or eats things on the ground.

Today I talked with a friend who lives four or five miles away, and she told me that her daughter's small (5-lb) dog vomited bile a week ago.

The Bichon owner (next door) told me that her vet receptionist said they've been getting an unusually large number of phone calls from people whose dogs are vomiting this yellow foamy bile stuff, and they are all from our city. Unfortunately, they do not know in which part of the city these dogs live, as they've only gotten calls and very few, if any (except the Bichon next door) have had to come into the veterinary.

This is all very odd. What on earth can be going on?