Well, I feel terrible because 1) today I found fleas on my 5 month old baby and 2) in reading about fleas, I realize she has had "flea spots" on her for quite some time and I just wrote it off as dirt or something. I bathe her once a week, it should have been a red flag that the "dirt" never came off...

So I threw away several things (blankets, a cheap rug, etc) that I did not mind parting with anyway. I vacuumed like a crazy woman. I'm on my way to go pick up some Frontline (which I was told is ok for a puppy her age). I have no idea where the fleas came from - I live in an apartment so we go downstairs and outside for potty breaks; we've played with other dogs, gone to the dog park, hung out in my bf's yard...so I can clean the bujesus out of this apartment, which I am in the process of doing, but what other ways can I prevent this from happening again?

I have to admit, I'm a little annoyed at the vet - I've taken her in because she scoots quite a bit, and they've drained her anal glands 3 times now but I keep telling them she still scoots. I'm thinking now it's because the fleas are hanging around down there and it ITCHES!! Why didn't they notice this? Not that there's really anyone to blame. Dogs get fleas sometimes. I just feel bad.

Tips for cleaning? Washing? Prevention?