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Thread: I'm an All Rounder!!!!! And I don't own a cavalier

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    That is so fun!! Definitely ask about flea and tick control. Some people don't want to give it, and I understnad why but ticks are going to be really bad this summer

    We took my dogs to the beach last weekend and I came back with 5 ticks (and this is with them having been frontlined a month earlier!). 2 ticks were on me, and the others I found near the dogs crate - I assumed they fell off because they were frontlined. In any case, now I need to get tested for Lyme disease and so do they, so I'd defintely chat with your vet! I hope you have a vet that you like. I feel really fortunate I have a good vet who has my dog's best interest in mind and not just his own bank account.

    I also demand lots of pics and video and stories. Puppies are fun but they can be a challenge at times!

    BTW, I just discovered this cheap little brush that I recommended to a couple friends who also love it. Dogs who don't like being brushed now like being brushed - it is the Conair Soft Slicker - so soft plastic pins instead of metal:

    I've bought lots of brushes, but this one I really love and so do the dogs!
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