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Thread: Two out of two

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    Kate, I am sorry that you did not get better news. You and Aled deserve better.
    Fingers crossed that he remains without symptoms of pain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kate H View Post
    The husband of a well-known breeder recently wrote in a letter to Our Dogs that 'full blown SM with clinical symptoms is very rare' - Aled so far has no obvious discomfort, but he does have CM, herniation, dilated ventricles and a syrinx, which I reckon could be regarded as 'full blown SM', so perhaps I should invite this gentleman to visit my 100% CM/SM household?!
    I would like to know what is the the writer's criteria for 'full blown SM with clinical symptoms'?
    I sometimes think there are people who would deny their dog had SM even if it was scratching and screaming in front of them.

    Anyone reading this forum or the facebook page of the Companion Cavalier Club will realise just how many pet owners are coping with cavaliers with 'clinical symptoms' and I am afraid with dinosaurs like this it is only going to get worse.

    I wonder if this is the letter where the writer suggested that symptomatic and asymptomtic SM should be given different names? Why I wonder?
    MVD is still MVD even if the dog is not coughing, slipping patella is still slipping patella even if the dog is not limping, or do we give those conditions other names and ignore their inherited status as well.

    What really surprises me is that seemingly intelligent and educated people seem incapable of accepting that if a cavalier has SM, even if it does not show what they would recognise as pain symptoms, then it has those faulty genes to pass on to the next generation. Taking steps to try and prevent this happening, or at least happening when cavaliers are very young is surely what a responsible breeder would do?
    Margaret C

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    So sorry to hear this news. And poor little Oliver, not hearing you scolding him! Bet he likes that part .

    I did have a blind and deaf dog and he coped well beyond what you would imagine. He was a brilliant dog, and responded to a foot stomp, and the blindness was never an issue once he learned to go by smell
    Cindy and Claire
    Claire was born on Feb7, 2010

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    Thank you for kind words. Fortunately, I have a very pragmatic mind, so Aled's SM really is simply another problem which may or may not need dealing with at some point, and on the whole I don't worry about things that haven't happened yet or can't be changed. I've been lucky with Oliver who, apart from his eye problem, has never had a great deal of pain or discomfort from his SM, so Aled will do as well or even better. And I know a lot more about it than when I started on Oliver's journey! Meanwhile I have two great little dogs, we have a lot of fun together - and we would all enjoy a country walk tomorrow if only it would STOP RAINING!

    Kate, Oliver and Aled

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    Oh Kate, I wish you had better news, but your outlook and approach is something we all could learn from. Hug to you Oliver and Aled. xx


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