Alright, so I'm getting a rescue cavalier puppy next week (he'll be 12 wks old and was born and cared for in a shelter). I'm so excited and feel blessed to get this little guy, his name is Fletcher.

I have never had a puppy so young before or a cavalier. Now my excitement is turning into fear. I know day one can set the tone of his behavior for life. I have read and re-read about "the rules" I want to set with my Fletcher but I worried, after all I want to have a strong bond with this guy. Like crate train, don't let him have the run of the house unsupervised, take him directly to his potty spot first, a schedule , sleeping in his crate etc. But the planner is coming outta me and I want to know about your first day with your new cavalier. And some advice in the what ifs? What if he won't eat? What if he's afraid of my kids? (he never met any that I know of) What if he hates my current dog? (I'm not worried about him, he like everyone and has no problem when we dog sit) And did any of you "break the rules" I know the not letting him sleep with me thing is gonna be hard cause I want him to and if so how did it turn out?

Several weeks ago, when I learned I was getting him for sure. The whole family and I went to puppy-proofing our main living space and set up some new doggie rules. Like no puppy in the kids rooms, no feeding table food, put your shoes away, etc. I also have a 4 yr old so I have been talking to him about new puppy rules.

Anyway, I hope you tell me about your first day with your new cavalier or cavaliers (I heard you can't have just 1)