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I feel the same way about MVD.. just watch him until he is in pain. It is the SM that I wonder about. It looks so so painful even in mild cases, It makes me want to cry to watch. I am pretty sure that if we found out Bentley had severe SM ever, that we would choose to not treat and let him go, just personal since I have watched pets suffer.. and for us it is harder, to see them in pain every day. Not sure if it was mild sm. probably treat and see if treatment worked. But who the heck knows, I obsess over it though all the time. I LOVE cavaliers so much they are the best breed ever, but honestly I think Bentley will be the only one I own, I did not realize how attached and in love I would fall, and how upset I would be at the idea of him ever being sick and in pain and of course no longer having him as my sweet companion. I have been researching dogs that have few health problems lately none of them are Cavaliers though.
I have not finished reading responses but I have to stop at this one. The problem is I know cavaliers that have a severe SM diagnosis (long syrinx) that are being managed well some on medication alone others opted for surgery. The flip side is I know cavaliers WITHOUT SM and have CM alone that even though being well managed, were far more symptomatic than some PRIOR to treatment with what one may say on an MRI is "severe SM". Yes SM is painful and CM too if you talk to human patients but I think one has to look at what's going on with their cavalier as far as symptoms go.

I had a cavalier with severe SM. I spent hours analyzing an MRI syrinx width, was it asymmetrical (Karlin correct me but studies show that can be more painful) etc. instead of monitoring her symptoms. She ended up getting really sick with an obstruction and they had to remove part of her intestine and it eventually did play into my decision to euthanize her. I had the internest and neurologist tell me that they could try to remove more but to live with 30% of her intestine on top of dealing with SM was too much. I agreed. I can't really remember specifics but I think to euthanize one before trying to help the cavalier as much as possible just because of a SM diagnosis is unthinkable for me. I know some do eventually have to come to that decision but MANY MANY MANY are being managed on medication.