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Thread: Old dog new puppy issue?

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    Default Old dog new puppy issue?

    Houston we have a problem. Our 12 year old Poodle Eddie, who has been our only dog for about 4 years. Pooped and peed on the floor last night something he hasn't done it years. Think it has to do with Fletcher coming home. Eddie is jealous, we've blocked his doggie door with the way we have the new puppy area blocked off but he sleeps in the bed with us and doesn't ever go out at night that I know of he needs help getting up on our bed but has no problem jumping down. I knew something was up when I got up this morning and he wasn't in the bed as normal. And he didn't poop or pee in that area, he did it in the living room (we don't have carpet) He is crate trained, however we have not crated him at night in years. He goes to work with my husband every day but he has never learned to walk nice in a leash so he doesn't get regular walks. So far he seems not to mind Fletcher, he has not shown and aggression or this is mind behavior. But clearly this is a sign hey I live here! Other than making sure he gets more attention which I guess he needs what else should I do? I didn't what either dogs using my house at a toilet. So should I crate Eddie at night now maybe just for a few nights til he adjusts?? Help, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever had this problem. Told ya I was gonna need help lol


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    Hi Melissa,
    I saw in your post that you have Eddie's doggie door area blocked off for the puppy. Is it possible that he really just needed to go and, when seeing the dog door blocked, chose the next best place? Especially for a dog that is used to just going when he needs to go, that might be the issue. Is there a way to keep the doggie door still available for Eddie?


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