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Thread: First case of SM in a Papillion in the UK

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    Default First case of SM in a Papillion in the UK

    Just read on Support Ethical Pedigree Dog Breeding Facebook page that they have the first Papillion with SM in the UK. The lady is in a panic as her dog is related to the dog with SM.
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    I would guess there are other diagnosed papillons? Though maybe not.

    I think more and more cases with other small breeds are going to come to light once people and vets recognise symptoms and breeders start MRIing -- as happened with griffon breeders, following what happened with cavaliers. But cavaliers still easily account for the vast majority of dogs MRId with SM even in cases where there have been MRIds for other reasons -- if it was rife in other breeds, more of those dogs would have been MRId for neurological signs. Those other breeds stand a better chance of limiting its spread though if they act before it is widespread in the breed -- something many griffon breeders are trying to do.

    There's no way of telling whether her papillon will go on to get SM just through distant relationship. There are lots of resources now online with info on the condition and treatments, if she googles canine SM. There are people here and elsewhere with other breeds too, who have come to get more info or find support for affected dogs. Hopefully her own papillon will not go on to get SM.

    Also: she gives very little info. It could be this dog acquired SM from some other cause then genetics -- eg an accident where it suffered a blow to the head.
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