Hi there, not been on for a while... Ruby still with me but she is steadily getting worse.... Does anyone know if dogs get senile... Although her heart is really bad and her tummy very swollen the vet said not to take her for 3 months cos it was stressing her out getting to the vet (I do not drive)... Anyway I asked him before if she is in pain and he said I would know..... I love her so much but dont want her to suffer..... She seems to get confused and sits staring into space.... Usually follows me everywhere but for the past week or so she just seems confused..... Can anybody say if they have had the same experience with their dog.... She is 8 yrs old and has grade 6 CHF.... She is on the highest dose of medication.... She has to have one tablet every eight hours and the rest I give her in the morning..... She is eating well and her tail wags (not as often as it did) but I dont want to say goodbye but dont want her to suffer either.... Please help. Rose