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Thread: Fletcher's digging a hole to China

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    My husband and I were just discussing this over our "lunch date" which is funny because "kid talk" isn't allowed on our "dates".

    Anyway, we decided he can have the hole he has now as his digging spot. My husband is going to pick up a few bags of playground sand on his way home tonight. We're going to add it to the hole again its getting deep...we're going to make a game of it. Let our youngest hide toys etc... I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a sign of stress or me allowing it wasn't a good idea. If this is just a fun puppy thing to do they I'm fine with it. And it gives another way for my 4 yr old to play with him. If he starts to dig anywhere else around the yard it will be a no no here's your spot.

    I'm always outside with him for the most part. I can't walk away from the stove to follow him out the doggie door everytime but I try. He seems to be doing this digging when he in a very playful mood, my kids tire out before him and he's still ready to play then he'll dig away right towards China lol.

    Thanks All

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    Nalu loves to dig in sand and pull at the roots, so she gets a face and a belly full of sand. My vet told me sand isn't good for them and suggested giving her a tiny bit of some sort of liquid laxative to absorb the sand. I try to distract her when she starts digging or playing with sticks covered with sand.


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