DJ went for his annual check today. He had his booster shots and full health check.

His heart is fine, no murmur and strong He will be 8yrs in June! One anal gland was full,l because of the infection he had it couldn't be emptied fully the last visit, but the other one was fine and they are completely healed.

His eyesight hasn't gotten much worse since last year still the start of a cataract in one eye (hasn't progressed much) and slight scaring on the other one but at the moment he sees well but has trouble focusing and is slow to focus, I thought his eyesight was getting worse but that explains a lot as he seems to start barking at things until he realizes what it is when he focuses properly.

He has been a bit lame on and off and she confirmed my suspicions of degenerative disc disease (spondylosis), the same as Gus, not as bad and no slipped discs but to watch out for that...He only needs, like Gus, metacam if he has a bad day and seems in pain, but no need for any other treatment yet.

All in all I am pleased, as his heart is good and the disc disease can be managed as with Gus, so basically himself and Gus are the same health wise, one has poor eyesight and disc disease and the other has poor (almost no) hearing and disc disease but both have good healthy hearts no murmurs and no signs of SM, which I am very grateful for

My little Pippin is due annual check in July so I can hopefully relax until then!