I am having real problems with Charlies eyes at the moment - a month or so ago he seemed to pick up what looked to be conjunctivitus - sticky red eye, gunky, the usual signs, off I popped with him to the vet who did the eye stain to check that their was nothing else (all clear) and diagnosed what I thought. I came home with eye gel to be put in both eyes twice a day plus bathing the eyes. This all seemed to do the trick and within a week his eye seemed to clear up and all was well. About 2 weeks later it happened again - I had gel still left so repeated the steps, a couple of days later, all clear....a few weeks down the path and he has woken up unable to open either eyes, green gunk, really red, just horrible. It seems to come back after long walks running through woods/grass which is making me wonder if it is conjuncitvitus and maybe hayfever?

I am bathing the eyes, putting conjunctivitus gel in them and I have given him a hayfever tablet for good measure but the poor soul cant open them at all...my question really is, do any of your cavvys suffer from hayfever, how do you deal with it, is this normal, he is 3 1/2 and has never had this before, I am just confused with the whole thing...I am doing what the vet told me to do but it is not going away, it keeps coming back. What am I doing wrong????