I wondered if you could help me with 12 week old Charlie.

He bites, a lot, on purpose and I feel in an aggressive manner. My mum is too scared to walk in her sandals as he starts to bite ankles and feet and won't let go as he thinks it's a game, which i can understand. What worries me more is biting hands/face/feet and drawing blood. I have tried screeching in pain like trainers say to do but he just seemed to enjoy it! So i started teaching him NO and then stop playing/ignore him but he just jumps up at the sofa and barks/growls and jumps up to bite feet even harder which REALLY hurts, I'm sure you all know those needle like puppy teeth. He has drawn blood several times, last week on my partner's face.

I thought about NO! and placing him in a separate room for a couple of minutes but I don't want him to associate rooms in the house as bad places to be.

He is learning tricks quickly and is house trained but I just despair, I have read so many books and researched for advice and I am consistent in my method but I am doing it all wrong. I fear I am raising my puppy to be aggressive. Can anybody help me?

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?eqzo0j