Hi guys! Lady is now 6 months old. I swear she gets cuter every day. The training is going really well; she very, very rarely has accidents inside anymore. She goes to the door when she needs to pee! I'm so glad she isn't just randomly pooping in the apartment anymore.

But the crate. She came to me already crate trained, meaning she will not pee/poo inside her crate. She's find in there for a few hours at a time if need be (although it's usually only for 2-3 hours at a time). But she whines and barks for anywhere from 5-15 minutes (according to my roommate) when I leave. It's so pathetic...and loud. I always, always feed her in her crate. I've started leaving a bully stick in there for her to chew on. I give her toys, blankets, pillows, and water in there. I cover the crate so she can't see out. What else can I do to stop the whining? I never let her out of the crate when she does that. By the time I come home, she is happily napping in there...running out of ideas on how to get her to like her crate! Or at least go in there without whining.