So I go out of town this weekend with my teenaged daughter for some fun girl time.(Music festival in New Jersey called Bamboozle- a total blast!) My husband was home with the boys and dogs. Well........ now Fletcher is sleeping in our bed! He cried in the crate so my soft pushover husband gave in. I guess its my fault I did leave for 2 nights, and he had not cried in his area with me here at all but I messed up his routines so soon, we've only had him a short time.Honestly I missed my puppy more than my boys. I don't mind too much, my plan was to have him in our bed after he was completely housetrained anyway. Housetraining is going super well, much better than any other puppy/dog I've ever had and my husband was able to keep that going and he was well loved while I was gone. My husband is Mr. Mom anyway. But he's this way with the kids too, he's a threaten-er parent. He says if you do that one more time your in trouble like 6 times to the kids so I knew he would be a softy when it came to Fletcher too. As long as Fletcher is sleeping thur the night and I prey doesn't jump off the bed (which I don't think he will) OR pee in my bed at 3am I'm just gonna go with it. I just think its funny my husband has such a soft spot he's a great Daddy to both the kids and dogs he's just not into rules. Oh well, I'm always the "bad guy".