Ok so Fletcher is now 14 weeks today. When I picked him up 2 weeks ago tomorrow they were feeding Wellness Puppy Mix 3 times a day but they were feeding as a litter not per puppy (3 in total) so they were unable to tell me exactly how much. For the first week he was home I carefully measured out his food to see how much he was eating on his own (I started with 1/4 cup sorry no converstion- and then gave him more measurig each time until I found the amount when he stopped eating) I know I'm crazy, but every dog is different. Well turns out he'll eat a HEAPING scope of 1/3 cup kibble 3 times a day. Well for the last 2 day he has turned his nose up at his mid-day feeding. I leave the food down in his area for about 15-20 mins then pick it up. Two days in a row I've picked up a full bowl. Is this about the age for feeding 2 times a day????? How long should I just keep offering it? He does not get any treats as of now. If oh my what a good dog works why do the whole treat reward thing??? He has had a baby carrot and I few bites of an apple just to see if he liked it. Again first puppy here HELP!!