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    Default FLETCHER (I hope)

    Ok so this is my second shot at using flicker so maybe (cross your fingers) I have it figured out but................

    Ok so its small but........ let me see if I can fix that! Oh crap ok so here are some small pictures of Fletcher but I promise he's a normal sized cavalier lol I have to resize the pictures before I upload them to flicker but I don't know how to do that so I have to wait until my husband gets home.

    this is my daughter she takes great pictures
    he's one good looking cavalier I think
    with Haley again! I think Fletcher is her new boyfriend

    I will get the size thing right and re-post them later but.........

    Enjoy I sure do.


    that's a little better

    thanks for dealing with me and my dumb person using a computer issue lol I'll get better
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