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    The Sun has arrived after many months without so last night we decided after work to take the girls out
    for a good walk .Home at 5.15 pm gave them their tea then off we went about 6.00 pm, do we go to the coast or do we to our go to our local park ? as each has its drawbacks .If its the coast the girls carry back about 1 1/2 tons each of sand in their coats which soon pervades every nook and cranny in both the car and the house including it seems about half a ton on our bed ,and if we go to the park its grass ,twigs ,leaves and the odd tree trunk that they all like to fetch home as souvenirs of their vist ,with all of it secretly hidden in their full coats or under their tails or in their ears.

    We decided the park it is and wrong choice it was, because as soon as we got there and the girls invaded the fields then one by on they all collapsed on their backs for a bit of rock n rolling ,and then I noticed the grass had just been cut and they all resembled pets that belonged to Worzel Gummidge they were all covered in zillions of tiny bits of grass cuttings .Home about 7.45 pm and finally finished degrassing them all about 9.00 pm ,so to my question which is Why do all their coats vary so much regarding the tonnage that they are each able to carry back home.

    Poppy - Was easy hardly anything entangled in her coat ,and only 10 minutes brushing all over .
    Lily - Was totally different with a lot of grass in her coat and more time taken ,around 20 minutes
    Rosie - For tonnage seemed to carry the most bits of grass in every crevice you could think of but she
    does have the heaviest coat of all ,so about 25 minutes.
    Daisy - Was not too far behind in the overall weight stakes but she is by far the least co-operative
    of the four with her snarls ,snaps and struggles ( she doesnt bite its all just a big front with her ) ,20 minutes of torment for me.
    I think tonight its the beach and all that sand .

    And of course we all have to be very careful with their ears and grass seed creeping down and creating some horrendous problems .Also at home last night Daisy encountered a big bumbly bee but fortunately had the sense to back off though last year I had to rescue one that had become entangled in her underwear so hopefully that encounter has made her more sensible with them .
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T

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    Brian, it sounds like you had a fun night, I should`nt think there is too much difference between grass and sand, I just can`t believe that so innocent looking little Daisy can do all the things you say she does. Ollie is dreadful for picking up sticks, leaves etc whereas Jasper does`nt pick up any leaves, even in the garden you would think they had been in a different area, Ollie comes in wet and black and Jasper stays so clean, but he is higher off the ground and shorter coated than Ollie which makes so much difference. Grass seeds are a nightmare, it costs us many years ago an expensive visits to the vets to get a seed removed from Jasper`s ears so I am very careful to check ears after walks now. Enjoy you beach walk, it has been a lovely day, summer has finally come.

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    I'd go for sand!!!!! And if your dogs don't mind too much I would vacuum them before they go in the house lol I have done that with my poodle....he does mind the louder shopvac tho (its a small powerful vacuum made to suck up anything even water). Too bad cause I use it. The little hose is great and strong just one good once over and he's off. Then you could use the same shopvac the take care of the car too.

    We had a VERY mild winter here so the ticks are bad this year so we need to stay out of the untreated grass as much as possible. I treated Fletcher with Frontline because of this and our own little yard and I have still found a tick on him. Now I have OCD about brushing him nightly and checking. Sand would be better for us.



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