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I ran into the same problem earlier this year, with Interceptor.

In its place, I ordered Iverhart Plus (made by Virbac) from Dr.s Foster & Smith http://www.drsfostersmith.com/ My veterinarian had to FAX the Rx and it all went very smoothly. My vet has cautioned against ordering from online vendors, as their storage facilities aren't always kept at a proper temperature (can get too hot in summer). When I told him where I was buying, he said they were very reputable and had no problems with FAXing the Rx to them.

It all took a few weeks, so if you've given the last on-hand dose of Interceptor, you need to start tomorrow on getting something else.

I also ordered Sophie's K9Advantix II from them, as it was on a good sale at the time. Drs. F & S sent that on, as soon as they received my order. FAXing the Rx for the Iverhart Plus, processing the order, and shipping, all took a while. Now that the Rx is on file, it should go much easier next time. I ordered a one-year supply.

Thanks for that tip. I have (my vet gave to me) another dose of Intercerptor, and AdvantixII (she slipped me an extra welcome puppy kit- love her) So I have the June dose and I think I'm going to just use Heartguard. However, I will ask about Iverhart Plus, and that website. Fletcher has to go back the the vets in 2 weeks anyway for his last 2 puppy shots. My parents and sister's and I have been ordering K9 Advanticx II together since the more you buy the more you save, combined that's 7 dogs now!!!