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Thread: Any Tips On Keeping Your Cavalier A Cool Cavalier

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    Default Any Tips On Keeping Your Cavalier A Cool Cavalier


    Just wondering what different ways we all have in keeping all our Cavaliers chilled out on these hot days .
    We may walk early in the morning or late at night and have little fans arounnd the house and feed our
    boys and girls chilled treats such as melon ,but what other ideas do we have ,are there any other ways
    people have developed to help our little ones.

    All ideas ,hints and tips most wellcome .

    Best Wishes


    Ps I always keep my four in full coat so have to be extremely careful especially in the car .
    Brian M

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    Looks like our sunny weather has departed again but I've noticed my two have been instinctively seeking out the cooler places to rest. I put plenty of ice cubes in the water bowls to keep their water cool, and I know that you can get cooling mats that you can dampen and the dogs lie on them, someone posted about them recently, can't find the link, but now I think about it, it could have been facebook where I saw them. A damp towel on the floor might help - in your case 4 damp towels
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    This is what Charlyfarly is talking about
    Try the Canine Cooler my three love it. They were also talking about it on the Companion Cavalier Facebook. A lot of Cavalier Owners have it. It's the cheapest at Amazon and it has great reviews. We put ours in the dogs cage when we travel.

    Canine Cooler at Amazon - Low prices on canine cooler.[IMG]linkscanner://safe.gif/[/IMG] is rated 4,576 reviews
    Free Delivery on Orders over 5
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    Yeah the warmer weather is here. I don't worry about it much inside because we have A/C and its running. In the car I am glad my SUV has rear A/C vents so there is cold air blowing on Fletcher and my kids. I also froze a half bowl of water to then add water to it so Fletcher would have a cool drink, when we where in the pool over the weekend. But I don't think I even have to worry about that either since Fletcher loves the swimming pool. I do think we need to keep an extra eye on them in warmer months.


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