As we learned last weekend Fletcher will jump in the pool if there are people in it. He did fine swimming, we even showed him the stairs to get out and he did it on his own. There is a fence just around the pool however, I still want to get him a life jacket, with 4 kids under 7 we adults spend a lot of time watching the kids. Fletcher is just another kid to watch so a life jacket I think is a good idea. My youngest son, who can swim, has to wear one when all the kids are over (its my parents pool and he's MY only little kid- I can't make rules for my sister's kids) because you just have to be careful around a pool period. Fletcher is just now getting used to wearing a harness so I wanted one that is kinda lite weight. I'm also hoping to find one that is not real expensive since he will outgrow it and I'll have to buy another one next year.

Also, the pool is salt water but I still need to look out for his ears getting wet???? I made sure to rinse him off and dry the hair under/around his ears real good when he finished swimming. Anyone ever have a problem with that? I don't know these things none of the other dogs swim. My brother-in-law is a vet but I guess I can go ahead and say it now...he's the jerk in the family so we don't go to him for advice often. Even tho he's one of the adults out there, he can't even swim himself and sits on the stairs (what a wimp)