I have no doggie medical advice to get you I just wanted to say I'm sorry you and Misty are going thur this. If you honestly believe a medication increase (on Gabapentin) would help I would find a vet/neuro who was at least willing to let me give it a try. Clare Rusbridge's approach has been medical proven to help. If that is your "Mommy gut" feeling then fight for it. YOU are Misty's best advocate!!!! She cannot speak for herself, if your gut is telling you something follow it. I realize sometime that means swmming upstream but... Also, I think when it comes to the "Mommy gut" feeling manners are out the door. I mean you don't have to be rude just insistent. One of my biggest "Mommy gut" issues was a problem with one of my children, and I did have to get rude to get it done, thankfully it was not a medical issue however had I not advocated for him he would be a different person today and not in a good way.

Sending love and good wishes, please keep us updated.