Why do we say we are house training our puppies its more like he's training me?

AHHHHH Fletcher just ate his evening meal and normally we go directly outside but we are having a thunderstorm so I left him in his crate a little longer hoping the rain would slow up. Well it did and I took him out with a big golf umbrella trying the cover the puppy more than me. He sniffed around and around rain started pouring again but I was NOT going in until he went. He finally peed I was hoping for more but... I got soaked (oh well at least its not cold out) and put him in his crate while I went to change my clothes then I let him out to play a little with me for a few. Well, sure enough he started sniffing around and around a sure sign he needed to go you know what. So back outside we went. I got soaked over again but he did his business outside. All the house training tips say to watch your puppy carefully to avoid accidents before they happen well I went for that tonight at all costs and won. Oh its a good thing I love that little monster!! I hope he is good to go for a bit or at least until the thunderstorms pass or my husband gets home. HAHAHAA Gonna go start a load of laundry now. Oh the joys of owning a puppy I wouldn't trade it for the world, but its an adventure, a sense of humor diffidently required.

Please feel free to laugh at me! I got so wet I really looked like I stepped into the shower fully clothed twice! My kids thought it was funny.