Sonny also always has his little nose to the ground when we are on walks. I always laugh that he is like a beagle. On walks he is always very alert and chases after birds, squirrels and leaves blowing around. I am not sure I will ever trust him off leash on walks because he has been so prone to chasing things. At home in our backyard his FAVORITE past time is to chase butterflies. It is so incredibly cute and hilarious. I try to go out their and play fetch or run around with him, but he stays very focused on his bug hunting! He can spend hours outside hunting different bugs. I never knew what pointing was, and would have never guessed that my little "toy breed" would assume this hunting position so often. I was looking at pictures the other day of the second day we brought him home and there he was at about 9 weeks in the pointing position. Sonny definitely has wished he was a hunting dog since day 1.

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Oh, I forgot all about the bugs! She is always hunting different bugs and eating them and then her brother, who identical to her, chases them while moving but then loses all interests. I've never owned a mix before so it's funny seeing the different traits of the breed in her. I am glad I was able to break the car/bike habit, but the bird lunging would be fabulous to break as it's really annoying on walks. We foster kittens and she's great with them, but we do introduce her very slowly to them. She plays really rough which can be a concern with smaller animals. She is small herself at 15lbs but she likes to paw and slap them which, of course, isn't good for the baby kitties. She will clean and bathe them, also, which is really cute.

I'm going to read up more on the cavalier breed and see how to work w/this kind of instincts since it's so new to me. She also has Chinese Crested in her but I can't really find many characteristics of that breed. I'd like to be able to take her own walks and have her be calm and level headed.... hope that's possible! I call her a puppy but she's actually 1 1/2...which I guess is still puppy-ish?