Another member mentioned on another thread how she was getting her dogs "anal glands" squeezed about once a month. Well... we too have this problem.
We are calling & taking our dogs into the Vet about every 6 weeks. Actually our Cavalier and & black Lab both have to have this done. I asked our Vet if it had anything to do with the food ..and was told not some dogs are just more susceptible to this.

I also started sprinkling a bit of fiber ( Metamucil) on their food. It won't hurt them...and it has helped a little.
My many other on here deal w/ this?..and do you think it IS due to their diet? Opinions???
We feed Canidae...which is grain free..and a 4star food. I also give them Omega 3 capsules ( just good for the heart!) I take them myself