Okay, long time member..looking at getting my first puppy on my OWN. Oliver was always a family dog...raised when my mom worked from home..and in his later years she changed careers to work outa home..he went to stay with grandpa during the day who lived a block away.

so...i dont have that luxury..i work outa home..and although grandpas close enough dad dosnt seem to think thats an option that will go over well with mom (good enough for them..not for me )

I know many many people who leave their dogs home all day..but im really nervous about this..

I have placed a ad on a local classifides site. for advice AND to see if there were cheaper /more affordable servies out there then $20/day saying i just cant afford that...and a really nice older lady has replied saying she has a small dog of her own and would love to care for my (future) dog for a agreed on price.. ive explaind the situation to her completly. i asked her what shed charge and she asked me what budget i have and we could go from there.

i havn't replied yet..i was thinking $10/day (puppy daycares are $20)but as im thinking about htis..im also thinking thats STILL $200/ a month at the cheapest

It's just me...and make a reasnobal salary..and have more then enough budgeted out to own a dog (and i was there for alllll of olivers vet trips haha i know how pricy this breed can be)
but can i justify $200 a month on daycare?

what do you guys all do?

oliver was probably the worst example because he was raised with someone home almost all the time..that when he WAS left alone he howled like a baby.. i defently dont want that.