Some dogs are just special. A person is truly blessed if they can say they have had more than one “special” dog in their life. I think I am one of those people.
Without going into too much detail..I hope you don’t mind if I share.
Nine years ago ( while working as a Bank Teller) I started experiencing numbness on the right side of my body. It got to the point my legs would collapse while trying to walk.
I also had wide spread pain throughout my body. My doctor sent me to Mayo Clinic.
For those outside the U.S… it is one of the BEST w/ doctors of the highest quality.
At first they thought I had MS..but after numerous tests… I was diagnosed w/ Lupus, neuropathy & fibromyaglia. I am not here to talk about my illness though ( as thank the Lord…I now am in remission as of 2 yrs ).
What I would like to tell you about is our Rottweiler. Her name was Zelda .
She has since passed over to Rainbow Bridge..but she was very special. She may have scared you to look at her...but she was just a huge sweetheart. Her devotion was like nothing I have ever seen. When I was at my worst..she would literally never leave my side. She would lie beside me ( with her head across my chest) all day as if she just could sense exactly how I was feeling. I remember one afternoon while in the hall-way feeling as if my legs were going to collapse...she butted her entire body against me so I wouldn’t fall. She let me hold on to her and we slowly walked to the phone for me to call my husband. She was just tuned into to me. And wow.. she was smart. You told her something one time..and she understood. Most obedient dog we have ever had.
( She better of been, right?.... you don’t want a dis-obedient Rottweiller that’s for sure !!) Anway..long story short..she was very special.
I think she would of laid down her life to protect me. In a way...she did.
All that time I was ill..never did I realize what she too was going through pain.
If there was anything wrong physically..she would NEVER let you know. She hid it very well. . One tough lady.
One day when our daughter came over for a visit...she knelt down to hug her and said…
“ Mom…have you felt her stomach?” I asked...”Why?” And she said…” She has a huge abdominal mass…her stomach is hard as a rock!” Zelda was a big girl...solid muscle it wasn’t something I noticed. Next day we took her to the Vet..and it was comfirmed. The X-ray showed a tumor so large that it has pushed most of her organs up into her chest leaving little room for her to breath. The tumor was the size of a football! Needless to say…my husband & I sat & cried. I felt I failed her by not noticing sooner! Vet said she would probably only last a month at most. Perhaps we should of put her down...but we brought her home & tried to keep her as pain free as we could. She lasted 5 more months. She taught me something. She cared more about me than herself. Here she was an animal...but her LOVE exceeded mine. That says a lot.
June 8th marks 3 years that she will be gone..and I still miss her.
She was one special dog.
We have been blessed w/ MANY other wonderful dogs throughout our lives as well.
Each one being special in their own way.
Our golden retriever ( Zeke) was special too. He was one big lover boy that lived to retrieve! He would do it all day long if you let him. Kind of a “blonde” sometimes he wasn’t too bright...but he was just a sweet ‘ole guy!! He too passed away only 6 months ago.. Cancerous growths throughout his body. I still cry when I see a Golden most of them look like him.
Funny...I always thought a person was “lucky” if they had one dog in their life they could say was “special”..but I have to say….> We have been blessed over & over & over.
We now have our black Labrador ( Zeb) and our little Cavalier ( Wrigley).
I could share all their attributes with you..but I will just say this > The love that has formed in our hearts w/ these two is more than I can put into words.
They too are extra special !! I cannot imagine life without them.
I am sure you feel the same about your furry friends. Isn’t it amazing?
Tell me about it....