Hi everyone. We have just moved house and have two caveliers. We have a concrete patio at the back, where our little angels seem to insist on weeing etc. I seem to be hosing this down non stop, to stop any nasty smells.We have got a large doggie disinfectant from online, to kill bacteria wtc. but sometimes on a sunny day (I know! not many) I can still smell the urine. I windered if anyone knows of a good product that will eliminate smells etc. At the moment, I have been hosing with the doggie disinfectant, and spraying with Fabreze Fabric Spray, which I fins very good in the house, but is costing me a fortune to use outside as well. We do take them out for walks, but seem to love weeing uo my plant containers on the patio. Any idea's really welcome please!

regards, Gran