Poor Spangle started to limp really badly after her walk this morning. She hasn't had any problems on the walk and we can't find anything in her paw or pads. It's her front right leg and she will hardly walk any steps and keeps holding her paw up and doesn't want to put any weight on it.
We are stopping her going up and down steps, stairs and the sofa, we lift her instead. She has spent the entire day by my side on the sofa. She has eaten her dinner tonight and a neem
stick and she hasn't cried or whimpered at all.
We are taking her to the vet at 09.00 tomorrow.
We are due to go on holiday on Sat! We just can't believe it! We are desperately hoping she will be OK by then as we can't cancel another holiday!
I am really worried about her, she seems very "flat" if you know what I mean.
Please keep your fingers crossed for her.