We've been away to Fort William for the weekend, so Misty and Murphy stayed with my MIL. She's watched them before, and apart from Misty having more pills, it's the same routine as always. There were no problems to report when we picked them up yesterday around 11ish, and we spent the rest of they day relaxing on the couch

We put them to bed around 11 last night, same routine, out in the garden, and then pills and veg for Misty, and a biscuit for Murphy. Well.... Murphy totally freaked out, he was scrapping the bars of the baby gate like crazy, frantic to get past it. We ignored him, but then heard him whimpering and I decided to come downstairs. He was in a right state! He had been drooling, so his chest and chin we soaked, he was breathing really hard, and he was shaking like mad. Then I noticed there was blood on the floor, it turns out he'd caught his dew claw. So I'm sitting at midnight doing first aid to Murphy, the dew claw hadn't came right but there was a lot of blood, but we got it stopped and got him settled back in his bed. I closed the kitchen door this time, and went upstairs again, he scrapped at it a couple of times, and then settle down.

We were in to the vets at 0910 to get him check out, although the bleeding had stopped last night, the nail was still hanging on at an odd angle. So he's now had it removed, it started bleeding badly again afterwards so he had a big blue bandage on his leg at the moment.

Poor wee man, I don't know what set him off last night. It seemed more than just the change in his routine, we're not quite sure what to think, but we're just glad he's okay.