I would love some advice from the cavalier forum.

I have been offered to rehome a little ruby cavalier from a lady who has had a relationship split and the cavalier is left at home all day. Its left in a make shift cage under the stairs and this is for many hours at a time.

She originally told me that the cavalier had been vaccinated, kc reg, microchipped and health checked. The cavalier is 18 months old.

I asked the women if she was happy for my vets to have the vets records passed over. I also asked for proof of vaccinations and microchipping. To cut a long story short, It has been unveiled that the little girl has only ever had her first jab from the breeder and there has been no other jabs or health check done by this women. I am livid and she has been told too i am not happy she has lied but i feel soooooo sorry for the poor dog. Its really bothering me.

I can give this dog a good home and i am financially secure. I would never dream of not taking my dogs for there jabs. I keep thinking about this poor little dog and i have seen the dog to make it 100 times worse. Its clear she does not give a toss about the dog. People like this make me sick to my stomach

What would you do people?