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Well i am afraid to say that because i asked too many questions to this women and she sees this as being "awkward" she is not rehoming her dog to me. She will rehome to someone who asks less questions! I asked too many questions and asked for a vaccine card! This is how i uncovered all these lies. How dear i! She wanted to post the vaccine card to me and i refused as i need to card to put the dogs into kennels when i am away in the next month. Now i am awkward! Thats because there is no vaccine card. I had to ask as i have my own dogs health to think of too! She would not take this as an answer either and i am being awkward!
She told me the dog was vaccinated, health checked, kc reg and microchipped and the dog has had none of any of it! Its only had one vaccine and thats what the breeder gave it, so its not even had the first proper vacs!!! The dog is 18 months old and has been walking around outside!

I now can see why there is so many poor dogs in rehoming centres. That poor dog. These people make me sick to my stomach!
Ohmygosh !! How terrible !!
I started reading thru the first couple posts..and was in total agreement w/ everyone. I thought > "YES...go her her ASAP..and give her the home she sooo deserves" !
She won't let you have her now??
All I can say to you..is God bless you for your efforts. Is there any authorities you can contact about this? The fact she has lied..and this poor dog hasn't had shots, etc...can anyone remove it from her?
Wow....why do people get dogs ( or any other pet for that matter) and not care enough to take the proper responsibility for it? Unbelieveably sad !