My son has found an old Halloween costume of SpiderMan and has it on for whatever kids are weird I know. Well Fletcher was sitting by me on the sofa and as soon as my son came around the corner dressed as SpiderMan including mask Fletcher freaked out.....he jumped off the sofa and barked and barked then ran back to me to hide. I told my son the take off the mask and say hello to Fletcher, show him its you I said. Well he did but Fletcher started barking and barking again Wow a serious case of cavalier OCD, Fletcher's first. However, in his defense the costume has fake padding for muscles so my son looks buff. Fletcher has met MANY people and had no problem so I really think it's the costume.

I went to put Fletcher in his area off the kitchen and he whined poor baby was scared but a less than 3 foot SpiderMan hahahaa

Now my son is making up with Fletcher giving him carrot pieces and talking nice to him through the gate.

I have my son take off the costume and I think it may "go missing"