Oliver has quite a light coat.
I stopped using the furminator as I thought it was causing an odd look to his back fur.
I use a simple comb with elastic band wrapped into the teeth. This pulls out loose old hair only.
I use a pin brush to clear out mats. But if he gets a bad one I just cut it out. Generally not often but if he does always behind the ear so you can't tell.
I keep his feet really short and use thinning scissors on his bum fluff! Lol
And his chest ruff.
We go for long muddy walks so I keep him in what I like to call a sport cut! Lol. Means a quick rinse down in the Belfast sink and he is clean. If his feet get too long I have to soap them nearly everyday!

He has been professionally groomed twice (hand stripped and trimmed) and they did an amazing job under his belly and round his bits. This is something I can't seem to do myself. But I am going to give it a go. Think I need a pair of clippers. :S