Long story short, a breeder I had contact with while looking for a puppy, emailed me today and offered me one of her retired females for a small fee. Honestly, what she is asking for is less than a normal vet visit. I'm going to be very careful here because I'm talking about a breeder. But here is the basic info.

She is 5 year old, just spade and had her teeth cleaned. She is PRETTY, I mean this girl is good looking. However, I do not want to get into a breeding health testing discussion but I will say she does not do what many of us on CT consider "must have testing" period no more about that.

This lady was super friendly with me and was great about answering all my questions honestly.....she does have a small breeding program and does raise her dogs in her home, as pets first. And I specifically asked her about this female because I was in love with her looks. So when she decided to "let her go" she emailed me first.

Alright so let's go over the pro's and con's


~ I get a beautiful adult female cavalier she is blehiem
~ She needs a good home anyway
~Did I mention I have met her and she is sweet?????


~ I will be giving money to a breeder who does not health screen as we know she should
~ I have a puppy and a 4 yr old who are a hand full themselves
~ This dog could have or develop those serious medical problems

Ok so what is your input???? Be honest please I will not take offense promise. Honestly, I know it will be more work but I really do think I can handle it, I have still be looking at rescue dogs, if the "right" one were to come along I would go for it too. Only one question can I insure an older cavalier???