Dear All,

My name is John,i live in Lebanon.I have a big passion for Cavalier King Charles that one day i decided to bring one to my mum as a gift.Lexia is 8 weeks old,she's an adorable Blenheim.

I bought it from a breeder who provide me Lexia from Hungaria since he doesn't have cavalier puppies in Lebanon.

Lexia is so sweet playful the ideal dog for the family.we got her last week,she was 7 weeks 8 weeks.

As i did some research on SM, i did notice some signs that really now is let me think it might be SM.but she is just 8 weeks old!

First of all ,

Every day(like 3 or 4 times ), she do some scratches on her ears,neck,and near her stomach and also lick her paws and legs and bite her paws too and lick her but too and sometime bite her tail.

Every scratch session goes to 30s .

And some sometimes,while busy biting her toy and laying on the floor ,she scratches near her stomach(or in the air) without looking back at her feet scratching! like an automatic move!

Please note that she doesn't wear any collar!!!

I am so worried! she is so young to have SM.In lebanon,my veter didn't hear about SM and i guess there is no MRI for pets her.They only have scanner i guess.

Could it be puppy behavior or SM? i cant stand it,im not able to sleep ,im 24/24 thinking of it.

Your help would be very appreciate.

Thank you