Hi all. I have Fletcher signed up to start our first puppy class, in July, but since I'm not working already (YAHHHHH-anyway another story) I called to see if there was a class starting earlier because I feel behind with Fletcher. He's a wild guy and my limited dog training education is showing. Well, turns out we can start tomorrow evening they have one opening. We, mostly me have to get with it and learn some stuff. Excited!!!! Wish my luck and I will update after our first class. Fletcher is 18 weeks old now, maybe its just me and its normal but he has ADHD and zero attention span, however, he is better when I walk him alone. And every time I try to work with him with a treat reward he is OCD about the treat and doesn't mind..... Oh well, see WE NEED HELP!

This class is part of the ACK star puppy program so its good right?????