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This is a worry for you, I hope you get some answers soon & Lola is more comfortable. Please can you tell me how long you had to starve Lola before the Endoscopy? My little one has had on going Colitis for 5 months & our vet has suggested an endoscopy, but I would have to starve her for 48 hours, I honestly don't think I could cope as she lives to eat! It was bad enough missing breakfast for her when she had teeth out last year.

Have you thought of giving Lola a bit of Slippery Elm? It's working for us at the moment, but of course it may only be masking the problem, so that takes us back to the endoscopy.
Lola had been quite unwell for several days prior to the endoscopy so had barely eaten in 72hrs anyway Muffin. However the vet had given her a small amount of food the day before which she managed to keep down, but it had not all passed into the bowel and was still in the stomach, partially obstructing the view. Has your baby had a barium study?

What is Slippery Elm?