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Thread: Appointments And More Appointments

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    Brian, it is hard to realize that you almost lost Dawn, but she is probably like most of us; we think something is the same-old ailments and don't want to appear to be a hypochondriac. In her case, each change will need to be assessed.
    Hugs to both Dawn and you.... and the FlowerCavs.

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    We are now down to Daisy's appointment with Simon so fingers crossed there .She has now been on 100mg gapapentin twice daily .dawn can see
    an improvement but I cant really maybe I was expecting too much I dont know ,but on Friday the 7 th we are away for a week so she will be with me 24/7
    maybe she needs 3 x and not 2 anyway we see Ulreke the monday we come back .Simon is good I like him he is good at what he does and how he talks to people
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T


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