I have debated posting this because first I know I did the right thing and second I still be awful about the whole thing but maybe someone here can offer ideas just in case.

As some of you know I am newly unemployed (a good thing) and am home full time with my kids, ages 4, 12 and 16 AND our 2 dogs. My husband takes our older dog to work with him everyday so Fletcher is with us. I have had VERY STRICT rules with my kids about Fletcher. Especially concerning my 4 year old, surprisingly Fletcher and my 4 year old had gotten along very well. We had no problems with my son adjusting to having a puppy around, SUPERVISION required. My son even likes to help brush and feed Fletcher which is great. I do not think this "issue" was caused from my son's dislike of Fletcher.

Well, this morning we were in the car going out, Fletcher was in his car seat behind the passenger seat and my son was in his car seat behind the drivers seat. My son who a strong-willed child, began to have a fit about something and because he was mad at me (I think) he reached over and pulled poor Fletcher ear....my puppy yelped, I turned around to see why and within half a second I had the car pulled over and jumped into the backseat between them. Yes thur the seats!!! I was SO angry with my son, I unbuckled him and screamed him his face YOU ARE NEVER NEVER NEVER TO HURT FLETCHER AGAIN I was so mad tears where streaming down my face then I turned attention to Fletcher I just held him and cried. My poor puppy.....my son was shocked he was just watching me. I am a very strict parent when it comes to MY rules......I do not spank my children for the same reasons I would never strike a dog. However, I don't usually scream in my children's face. When I was calm and sure no lasting harm was done to Fletcher I did have my son say sorry to Fletcher and me. I also sat on the side of the road explaining to my son why he couldn't hurt anyone, including Fletcher. It was not my proudest parent moment. But again I did do the right thing. I spend the rest of the day reminding my son, your never going to do anything to hurt Fletcher again are you? Every time he would say no Mommy sorry Fletcher.

I think my son is having a little adjustment issues with not being in daycare anymore. I've tried to maintain a schedule and have things for us to do together. He has been having more fits lately however usually he does not do things like this, sure he cries when I say no from time to time but other than throwing himself on the floor he doesn't act out towards others. Well, needless to say I'm watching this situation very carefully. I am also going to continue to have my son play SUPERVISED with Fletcher hoping to strengthen their bond and ensure my son understands the rules about Fletcher. But I will not allow this to happen again, when we got home I moved Fletcher's car seat to the third row seat, with a A/C vent just in case...

If you have any other suggestions please be honest.....I can take it.