Hi all,

We are having an extremely hard time getting our 8-month old puppy to walk on a leash in our neighborhood or in the park...

The problem: Whenever Pippa gets a block or two away from the house, she freezes, plants her butt down and refuses to move. We've tried everything, including her favorite toys, treats, bully sticks, etc.

Pippa is very social and not scared of people, loves to greet just about EVERYONE and other dogs, but for some reason it appears that she is scared to walk on her own. If I pick her up and walk to end of the street, she will do a good job walking home. It's really just that she's scared to walk too far away from the house?

One other thing, she actually does a pretty good job when there are TWO people walking with her... my girlfriend holds the leash and I walk ahead a few feet ahead. It almost seems like if Pippa has something or someone to "follow" she does a good job, but refuses to walk when she's with a single person.

Any ideas? Suggestions?