Beanie has been coughing a bit more the past few days so I took her into the regular vet today and there is fluid gathering in the lungs. I immediately called our cardiologist at Texas A&M and we are going down there on Friday for them to evaluate and decide how we are going to tweak her medications to decrease the fluids.

All that may sounds bad but the day got worse. While we were at the vet, I was using a pair of their scissors to trim a mat on her chest and being very careful but some how I nipped her skin and basically cut a big hole in her chest! Thankfully we were already at the vet's office but they did not want to sedate her because of the unknowns with her heart so they had to staple her up. Poor thing never made a peep, when I cut her, when they had to staple her to close it up but I was bawling. My vet is a dear friend and kept assuring me that it was an accident and she would be fine and to not worry but I couldn't help but think poor thing already has enough help problems on her own without me going all Edward Scissorhands on her!

I know she will be fine but I was just so upset. I'll let you know how our visit with the cardiologist goes. My usual friend that drives down with me has to work so I am doing the three hours myself which should be nice and boring!