Hi, I've started moving Maisie over to raw food. She is a very fussy eater & when adopted by me, was eating royal canin with a bit of Cesar on the top. Before that she was eating chicken & rice.

Her teeth have a bit of plaque on them, probably from the chicken & rice & I've come to the conclusion she'd benefit from raw food.

At the mo she eats 1 chicken wing after morning walk, she may have a tripe stick after the afternoon walk & then I am using up the rest of the royal canin, which is only eats if she is starving. If she had her way I believe she'd live on toast & biscuits !

I'd like to have her eating raw always but am concerned at ensuring she has a balanced diet & would like to know if there are any cav raw feeders who wouldn't mind sending me their feeding schedules ?

I'm also not sure whether to feed raw beef/lamb...?

Thanks in advance !