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Thread: Places of comfort for SM dogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by anniemac View Post
    tupup said: "She seems to sometimes like me to rub her head quite hard,she'll push her head more into my hand if you know what i mean."

    I definately know what you mean because that is Elton because he will push his head hard into my hand. I sometimes feel that he's telling me his head hurts and I wonder if something else is going on or if it's just normal behavior.
    You know Oliver does that too and he doesn't have SM (confirmed by MRI). But every morning he'll come and like Elton, push his head hard into my hands. And I just rub and rub until he's had his fill. None of my other dogs hide under chairs or tables like Riley though.
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    Dougall has CM, recently he has been sleeping/hiding under a chair in the corner which is totally out of character. I believe this means he is suffering pain and he is tucking himself away to protect himself. When he is not hiding, he looks and seems ok but I am not taking any chances, he has an appointment to go to Stone Lion for checking.
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