My whole family is going on a beach vacation next week. The Outer Banks of NC, a town called Duck. Well, dogs are allowed on the beach everyday all day even unleashed (which I wouldn't do- he's not mastered recall and with his cavalier ADHD, no way) Fletcher is coming but I wanted to take him to the beach with us daily. However, its going to be a hot week, we usually get down to the beach by 930 am- and return to the beach house around 1230 or 1 pm for lunch a rest and then just hang out by the pool. Fletcher loves the pool, but I'm worried about having him at the beach when its going to be too hot unless your wet to go. We bring plenty of umbrellas, I usually have one for me and one just for the kids to play under, and sunscreen applied a lot. I know to bring fresh cold water for Fletcher but do you think its smart??? Should I plan to take him down for a shorter time? I don't want to do anything to harm my baby. We are taking his crate for sure, but I don't leave him crated for this long normally....its only a 5 minute walk from the house to the beach but it the heat it feels like 5 miles if I should leave him for a bit then bring him down for a shorter period of time, I'm going to have the mentally prepare myself for the trek!!!! Yes, on these vacations I really am that lazy. Any suggestions would be great.