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Just to say I used to greatly sympathize with all the Cavalier Owners on here with SM affected dogs and NO I wouldn’t trade my three for anything. Would I have another Cavalier? I don’t think I could stand the heartache looking at my dog every day thinking are these signs of SM are they getting worse. Yes I used to sympathize but I had no idea how it changes your life. If I can’t find anybody to be there to give tablets at the right time I have to be home to give these tablets I can’t just say what the hell I am out I come back when it suits me . I have to be up between 4 and 5 am to give Ebony’s first tablet. When the air pressure goes up and down I am up all night with Ebony as she won’t settle. Yes my dogs have still got a very good quality of life and I have good pet insurance. But no way would I ever put money into a pocket of a none testing Breeder. This Breed deserves so much better.
Awe Sabby.... Perhaps I need to re-phrase what I said in my previous comments. I don't know how to say it other than I am so sorry that "you" & so many others on this forum deal w/ pups with this disease. You are right..this breed does deserve much better.
Here in the U.S... I do not think the testing is done to the extent it should be. I have to be honest...I was not aware of all of these health risks..and I felt I did research before we bought our Wrigley. We "think" he came from a reputable breeder
( I still talk w/ her quite frequently actually). And I have all his health clearances & copies of his parents clearances
( he has a good blood-line) but doesn't sound from all I have been reading..that necessarily is enough.
I am only hoping & praying that our Wrigley will be the exception rather than the norm. regarding all this.
I want to be wise though..and keep him tested...and will deal with whatever comes.
I hope I didn't offend anyone..as I only meant that no matter what..I am sure none of us would trade them for anything.