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I think we've had slightly crossed lines here. Karlin has been talking about positive action - and yes, we have plenty of that on this forum and I think it is something we can be proud of. Diane seems to be talking more about positive attitudes towards our dogs - giving them as normal a life as possible, having fun with them and enjoying them, even while we keep more of an eye on them than most dog owners would do. I think all of us with SM dogs try to do this, at the same time as the question is always at the back of our minds 'Is he/she OK? Is there anything I can do to make life more comfortable?' This is something that for the moment we just have to live with, but it shouldn't - and doesn't - stop us enjoying our dogs. On the contrary, knowing your dog has SM or may one day get it makes all the ordinary, normal, fun days much more precious. And who knows, medication and treatment may improve, we may have a DNA test, irresponsible breeders may learn responsibility - and I might see a pink animal with wings fly pass my window!

Kate, Oliver and Aled
Thank you Kate !! ...yes... ....

..and I sincerely pray researchers find a cure for SM .... we can only hope !