Just kidding...kind of.

I think Lady is going through a really annoying phase? God I hope it's just a phase. She's stopped sleeping all the time. She will only sleep when I put her in her crate, she used to sit with me quietly while I did hw and now she has to pace around and look for something to destroy. She never stops!!! And today, for example, she darted out the front door, into the street, into the neighbors yard and I had to CHASE her down and she was not listening to me at all even though we always practice recall and it's normally pretty good.

She also whines, digs up the garden, and is generally getting in to all of my stuff. It is obnoxious, I tell you.

Is this her terrible two's or what? And how long until she calms down??? She used to be able to take naps with me in bed and now if I try to do that she jumps right off and, again, looks for something to destroy. WHY. I love her so much, and she's so beautiful! But it's a lovehate thing right now because she annoys me so much all the time.