Omg! Thank you so so much for all of that info.

1) I don't expect her recall to be perfect - and I know that some dogs are bolters so you're right, I will have to be more careful. At least I know that now and nothing bad happened, I just had to chase her around. She's just too curious for her own good.

2) Lady does retrieve! She loves it. And I have lots of kong toys for her that we play with. I'm just kidding when I say she loves to destroy things...I appreciate that, like a baby, she does need to teeth. But it is destructive.

3) !!! I had no idea that jogging could be bad for them! If anything, I thought it would keep her in tip top shape, slender and fit...thank you for letting me know! I won't do that anymore then. She just loves sprinting so much. When I take her to the dog park, she literally sprints laps around the perimeter!

4) I will def work harder with her on training and will look into local classes for her. Phew, it's just so exhausting! But I just love her so so much, she is my child. <3